In-world Reading this Saturday!

Fellow Quillian, Sherry D. Ramsey (Luta Lassard inSL) will be reading her original short story “Her Money’s Worth” this Saturday evening (Saturday, January 15th at 6pm slt).  This story originally appeared in Airborne, The Speculative Elements Vol 2. published by Third Person Press.

This is the fourth of our new monthly events, occurring on the third Saturday of each month at 6pmSLT (9pmET/6pmPT).

The reading will be recorded for use in our upcoming Quillian Podcast, but you’re urged to attend now as the podcast won’t be available for a few months yet.

The reading will occur in the Workshop building, on the second floor beside the traditional meeting circle.  The reading is a voice event, so attendees are encouraged to come with their “ears on” and their microphones off.  Since the event is also being recorded, we request that you refrain from using audio ‘gestures’ or other devices that create ambient noise.


Airborne, Volume 2 in The Speculative Elements Series from Third Person Press launches this month!

Complied and edited by Third Person Press founders Sherry D. Ramsey, Julie A. Serroul and Nancy S.M. Waldman, with an Introduction by Afra Kavanagh, Assistant Professor of English at Cape Breton University, Airborne contains fourteen stories and three poems written by writers with connections to Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia, Canada). The tales include stories of cyber-crime, journeys of planetary colonization, malicious music, messages and visits from those who have passed on–including a tale from the Scottish Isles–rogue helicopters, romance that defies time and space, enchanted creatures, virulent vampire viruses, and a mysterious white stone with inexplicable properties.

The contributors to Airborne are Donna Troicuk, Ken Chisholm, Katrina Nicholson, Meg Horne, Chris Benjamin, Theresa Dugas Mac Kay, Sue McKay Miller, Peter Andrew Smith, Kerry Anne Fudge, Krista C. Miller, Donna D’Amour, Bruce V. Miller, Jill Campbell-Miller, Nancy S.M. Waldman, Sherry D. Ramsey and Julie A. Serroul.

Sherry Ramsey edited together an amazing promotional video for the book, available by clicking this link, or by viewing the embedded video below.

Sherry D. Ramsey and Nancy S.M. Waldman are both active members of The Quillian family.

Sherry is a now a link of the Chain.

Sherry D. Ramsey’s story, “The Longest Distance” is now part of the Chain Story project created by author, Michael A. Stackpole.  The Chain Story is a collection of free fiction for readers to sample.  Please, take the time to read her very engaging story.

A little background on Sherry:

Sherry D. Ramsey is a speculative fiction writer from Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been the Editor/Publisher of The Scriptorium Webzine for Writers for over ten years, and is one of the founding editors of the independent Third Person Press.

Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in publications such as Thoughtcrime Experiments, Speculative Realms, Neo-Opsis, On Spec, Oceans of the Mind, Destination: Future, and Astropoetica.

Sherry is also the assistant workshop leader for The Quillians, a vibrant writing community in the virtual world of Second Life; a mentor for National Novel Writing Month; a member of the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia Writer’s Council; and the current Secretary-Treasurer of SF Canada.

The Longest Distance by Sherry D. Ramsey

Her Website

Michael A. Stackpole’s Website