“Networld” comes online in SL!

Fellow Quillian, Nancy S.M. Waldman (Aplomb Pomilio inSL) will be reading her original short story “NetWorld” this Saturday evening (Saturday, February 19th at 6pm SLT). This story originally appeared in Undercurrents, published by Third Person Press.

This is the fifth of our monthly readings and other special events, occurring on the third Saturday of each month at 6pmSLT (9pmET/6pmPT).

If you miss it, you’ll have a chance to catch the recording once our new podcast gets rolling, but you’re urged to attend now as the podcast won’t be starting up just yet.

The reading will take place in the Workshop building, on the second floor beside the traditional meeting circle. The reading is a voice event, so attendees are encouraged to come with their “ears on” and their microphones off. Since the event is also being recorded, we request that you refrain from using audio ‘gestures’ or other devices that create ambient noise.

Announcing a new event night!

The Quillians are proud to announce the addition of a new event night to supplement our weekly meetings!

The third Saturday of each month at 6pm SLT will mark the new meeting time.  The first such event will be held on October 16, 2010.

The scheduled event night will see a few different forms along the way – everything from readings to interviews and perhaps even game nights.

As an extra bonus, readings and interviews will be recorded for inclusion into a Quillian Podcast (to be launched early next year).  Both the live reading and the podcast recording will assist Quillian members in promoting their stories and themselves to a larger market.

We are interested in making this new event night into a group effort and, in that spirit, we are looking to our fellow group members for ideas and suggestions for different event themes.  We are also looking for volunteers who would like to help organize events, or would like to hold a reading of their own.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact either Graegor Aeon or Timothy Berkmans inSL.

Upcoming Reading

Sherry D. Ramsey (Luta Lassard in-world) will be reading her fantasy story, “Winter Bewitched” to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life, on July 9th, 2010 at 6pm SLT.  All are welcome!  This will (obviously) be a voice event, so make sure voice is enabled and your speakers are on!  Donations for RFL will be accepted during the reading.  SLURL to follow when the venue is definite, although it will be somewhere in the Wind River Territory sim.  Hope to see you there!