Sub/Crit Instructions

All writers need readers and editorial help. The Sub/Crit rounds include a subset of Quillians who submit short excerpts of work on a roughly two week cycle. Here’s how it works:

To participate you must be a member of the SL group. You should also join our F&SF Workshop Google group and must have Dropbox. Dropbox is very easy to setup and use, but if you get in via an invitation you will increase your storage space (and that of the person who invites you). IM Luta Lussard in SL with a request to join and she will invite you to our Dropbox group.

New submissions are due by midnight SL time every other WEDNESDAY night. Reminders are sent by email once you belong to the F&SF Workshop Google group and will be posted here on the website…unless we forget (we always remember eventually). Your Sub should be added to the “Stories requiring critique” subfolder in Dropbox.

Submissions should be about 1000 words long. Please use standard manuscript format and save as an .rtf file. Subs should be named thus — [Your Name SUB]New_story-Part?.rtf . When all the subs are in, we will sort the files by date to determine critique assignments. You are responsible for critiquing the four stories appearing ABOVE your own when sorted by date. You will never have to critique more than four stories in a cycle, although if you have time to comment on more, you are certainly welcome to. If there are fewer than four, then critique them all.

Critiques are due on Monday, 10 days after the beginning of the round. Reminders will be posted here and emailed to the Google group…unless we forget. No one will be angry if you forget. But do them promptly once you’re reminded, especially if you’ve gotten feedback on your submission.

Often a submitter will tell you what they are looking for in a critique. Pay attention to this. If it’s a first draft, they won’t need or want a line edit. General comments are often most helpful though line edits may be appropriate with a more finished work. All critiques should be constructive and encouraging.

Once you’ve critiqued a story, rename it and save it in the “Completed critiques” subfolder–if there is no new folder with the current date, just put it in the folder and it will be sorted later. Critique files should be named like so — [Your Name CRIT][Their name SUB]Old_story-part 17.rtf

This is a casual, lighthearted group but we definitely expect those who get their work critiqued to do the same for the others who participate. Participation is always optional and you don’t have to sub something each round.

Occasionally, members will ask the group to critique a longer work. There is a folder in Dropbox for these subs. They are outside the Sub/Crit round’s time frame and may be there a while before someone has the time and volunteers to do it. Members may need to remind other members that it’s there…waiting. All members should try to find time to read submissions.

Contact Luta Lussard, Timothy Berkmans, Aplomb Pomilio or other Quillian members in-world with any questions. And do come to our Monday night meetings so you can get to know all of us.

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