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The member’s list is still under construction, and is updated regularly.  Member bios are listed alphabetically by last name.  Quillians who wish their bio to appear in this listing should send a notecard with their bio, Second Life avatar name, and website information to Luta Lassard in-world.

Chuck Heintzelman is a software engineer living in the Pacific Northwest.  Each day he juggles his passion of writing with his full-time job, school-age children, and the inevitable curve ball life likes to throw.  He primarily writes middle-grade and young-adult fantasy because, as he puts it, “my mental age hovers somewhere between that of a 12 and 14 year old.”
You can find Chuck in Second Life under the avatar name:  Chuck Hamelin
Find out more information about Chuck, sample fiction, and his monthly column on writing at

Gary D. Henderson is a speculative fiction writer living in the Atlanta, Georgia area. When he’s not writing, he’s writing. Code, that is. With over twenty years of experience in the software design industry, he currently wrangles wild software for, as they say, a “major healthcare company.” In his copious spare time, Gary attends writers groups in the Atlanta area, reads, instantly caters to his feline overlords’ every whim, and helps slay the occasional dragon or marauding horde of orcs.
You can also find Gary in Second Life under the avatar name Sathor Chatnoir.
Find out more about Gary at

Michael J. Hercus is a Canadian speculative fiction writer now living in the American Northwest.  In addition to the writing gig, he’s a self-professed geek, entrepreneur, businessman, photographer, and games designer, with over fifteen years of experience in the comics and gaming industries.  In 2008, he also founded The Fantasy & Science-fiction Writer’s Workshop, an online critique group for speculative fiction writers based in Second Life.
You can find Michael in Second Life under the avatar name:  Graegor Aeon
Find out more about Michael here:

Kevin S. Moul is a widely published semi professional photographer who is also passionate about writing.  He writes to achieve the same discovery with words that he captures with his camera.   Writing projects include memoir, character studies, and themes associated with his lifelong interest in urban and epic fantasy.  Canadian by birth Moul now lives in Southern Arizona. He blogs and offers samples of his writing at A gallery of photography is offered at  In Second Life he is known as Taos Hermit.

Clancy Nacht squeezes writing in amongst her web development day job, her husband, and her three feral rescue cats. Living in Austin, she indulges her love of indie music, photography, and constant influx of new faces a college town provides.
With a major in Journalism, she has written for newspapers and magazines but did not delve into professional erotic writing until 2009. Since then she has been published by Ravenous Romance, Noble Romance, and Dreamspinner Press.
She watches “House” for the House/Wilson moments, but secretly thinks House should get with Chase, considers sarcasm a fine art, truly believes the zombie apocalypse is coming, and watches a lot of porn.
And she will never, ever grow up.
You can find Clancy in Second Life under the avatar name:  Clancy Nachtigal
Learn more than you want to know at

Sherry D. Ramsey writes speculative fiction for both adults and young adults, has been the Editor/Publisher of The Scriptorium Webzine for Writers for over ten years, and is one of the founding editors of Third Person Press. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in publications such as Thoughtcrime Experiments, Speculative Realms, Neo-Opsis, On Spec, Oceans of the Mind, and Astropoetica. Her latest stories appear in the anthology Destination: Future, and in Semaphore Magazine. From 2004 to its final issue in February 2010, Sherry acted as a copyeditor for the Internet Review of Science Fiction.
A current Board member of the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia, Sherry is also serving as Vice-President and Website Administrator of SF Canada, Canada’s national association for Speculative Fiction Professionals.
You can find Sherry in Second Life under the avatar name:  Luta Lassard
Find out more about Sherry here:

Steven Saus injects people with radioactivity as his day job, but only to serve the forces of good. His work has appeared in print in the anthologies Timeshares and Hungry for Your Love, in the magazines On Spec, SEED Magazine, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and the Shine Journal, and the online magazines Moon Drenched Fables, Yellow Mama, 365 Tomorrows, Everyday Wierdness and Quantum Muse.
You can find Steven in Second Life under the avatar name:  Uriel Wheeler
Find out more about Steven here:

Nancy S.M. Waldman grew up in Texas and has been migrating northward ever since. She now lives in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Nancy writes speculative and mainstream novels, short stories and poetry. She is one of three founding members and editors of Third Person Press. Her stories have appeared in Undercurrents, Airborne and most recently, The Nashwaak Review. A former R.N., Nancy holds a Masters degree in Psychiatric Nursing and sits on the Board of the local Mental Health Association. She enjoys art, quilting, photography, and developing websites for family and friends, including one for EPIC, an educational charity founded by her husband, Barry, and her own creativity site, The Practically Creative Quarter.
You can find Nancy in Second Life under the avatar name: Aplomb Pomilio.
Find out more about Nancy’s writing here:

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