April’s In-World Reading

Come on down to the Quillians Workshop building Thursday, April 19th at 6 SLT for this month’s live in-world reading: Sherry D. Ramsey’s short story, “The Halfhigh Vexation.” A wizard’s apprentice has a little problem…or rather, a big problem, in the guise of a little person. It’s a fun story, so make sure you have your “ears” on, drop by and join us! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pen%20Station/131/73/23/

Monday Meeting and 15k Challenge

John (Tim) has set a discussion topic for Monday night’s meeting: a character’s internal motivations. He suggests listening to the latest episode of Writing Excuses here: http://www.writingexcuses.com/2011/06/12/writing-excuses-6-2-internal-motivations/ to hear what they have to say about it.

Also, time is running out on the 15k Short Fiction Challenge. Remember, back in January, I challenged everyone to write 15k words of new short fiction by the end of June? Well, so far I know of only three members who have hit or expect to hit the goal. You still have a couple of weeks–can you make it?

Critiques Due This Monday

For those who participated in the last round of subs/crits…this is a friendly reminder that critiques are due on Monday, April 4.

Get your submissions ready for the next round that will start Wednesday, April 6th.

If you’ve never submitted before, please see the new Sub/Crit Instructions page for the guidelines as to how to do it. Join in! It’s an easy process and will not only help to keep you writing but will also improve your writing as you [gently] critique other people’s work and get feedback on your own.

Writing Challenge

Luta is throwing out a writing challenge to the group:

Write an ANTI-Valentine’s Day poem (that is, not a typical romantic
poem). Any length, any style. Send it to me in-world or via email before our February 14th
meeting. Prizes will be awarded by group vote, so make it good!

If you need more details, IM Luta Lassard in-world.

Have fun!

Meeting Tonight!

Hey Quillians!

Meeting tonight at 6PM SLT at the Workshop building.

Not sure if a topic is planned, but do have you spitballs ready for when Graegor shows up!

Banned Books Week – Second Life SURL

For those wishing to attend the ALA’s Banned Books Week ShoutOut! on Saturday, here is the SURL for the venue.

Reminder, it begins at 1pm PT/SLT and it won’t hurt to be a bit early.  See you there!