Monthly Challenge and Writing Excuses

Howdy Quillians,

The “What Happened to Luta?” challenge is due tonight for the contest. (6 PM SLT) Also for those interested, we will be playing the Writing Excuses Podcast 30 minutes before the meeting. (5:30 PM SLT)

See you tonight!

Meeting and Writing Excuses

Tonight, we will be having not just one, but two events.

At 5:30 PM SLT, Ge3x will be hosting our first Writing Excuses Podcast event.  So why would you want to listen to this podcast by yourself on your iPod when you can listen to it with the rest of us?

Later at 6:00 PM SLT, we will be having our weekly Quillian Meeting.

Again, The Quillian Workshop Building has moved.  The location is here:

Looking forward to seeing all of you tonight!

Monday Night Meeting


We are having our weekly meeting tonight at  the same time (6PM SLT, PST) and place (F&SF Workshop Building)

Critiques are also due today prior to the meeting. Since Taos and I are the only participants and have already done them, I will use this part of the announcement to say that the rest of you have been dropping off in the past few rounds. Get your subs ready for Wednesday!

Hope to see you all tonight.

Tonight’s the night for the Dialog Challenge

Have ready for tonight’s meeting:
April’s writing challenge is an dialog exercise.

The concept is to write a scene with characters exchanging dialog, but WITHOUT dialog tags or any description.

Just the dialog itself.  (In other words, just what is inside the quotes!  )

Sherry and I got the idea from the Writing Excuses podcast.

There were two episodes where they did this exercise.  The links are here

It should be two pages, double space. (roughly 350 words)

I wouldn’t worry about trying to complete the scene.  The exercise is meant to work on dialog.  Focus on creating the scene and characterization through the dialog.

Tonight’s Meeting has been canceled, sort of…

Tonight’s meeting has been canceled so we can attend a marketing seminar  that Kat is giving at Builder’s Brewery.  (We will send out the exact LM once the location is confirmed.)   We, as writers, can benefit from learning these skills because the impact of epublishing is having in the industry.

We have been asked to remove scripted objects (Like AO, HUDS, titlers) should be removed to avoid any lag issues.

Here is the location for the Kat’s Seminar.

Qullian Meeting About to Start

A reminder, Quillian meeting is about to start.

Meetings are always at 6PM SLT on Monday evenings here:   F&SF Writer’s Workshop Building inside of Second Life.

New members are always welcome!   :-)

Meeting Tonight-Crits Due

Howdy Quillians,

Just a reminder, we are having our weekly meeting tonight at  the same time (6PM SLT, PST) and place (F&SF Workshop Building)

Critiques are also due today prior to the meeting.

Hope to see you all tonight!

Meeting Tonight!

Hey Quillians!

It’s Monday!  Time for another meeting!  We will probably discuss the critiques just upload and other topics that your creative minds can dream up.  Looking forward to seeing you!   At the Fantasy and Science Workshop building at 6PM PST.

Meeting Tonight!

Howdy Quillians and Friends,

We are having a meeting tonight inside Second Life at 6PM SLT. I do hope you all can attend. No set topic has been announced so feel free to bring up any topic.

New Goal Page Created!!!

Sherry’s email said it better than I could:

After some fabulous discussion at tonight’s meeting, it was decided
that “public” (within the group) goal-setting could be a helpful
motivator for the members of the group.  We also decided to use the
Quillian Facebook page, in conjunction with a live media board in the
F&SF meeting room, to facilitate matters.

Basically, we’ll ask (politely!) at each meeting how members are doing
with meeting goals they’ve set, and what they’re planning for the next
week. Members can post their goals in a discussion thread on the FB
page, which will also be viewable in SL on the media board.  F&SF
members who do not use Facebook can have their goals posted for them
by another group member, so all can participate.

The FB group page is here:
and the Discussion threads will be under…Discussions!

This is meant to be a motivating and positive move, not something to
cause stress or pressure!  There is NO requirement to post goals at
any time.  No-one will be mocked, pressured, or have pencils thrown at
them for not setting goals.  However, any member who lies about
reaching ridiculous goals (“I wrote a whole novel this morning!”) may
be required to wear embarrassing attachments in SL for the duration of
the meeting. ;)

Finally, Graegor, Our Esteemed Leader, wasn’t present at the meeting
when all this went down, so he may have some words for me about
this…hopefully they will be “great idea!” and not “you did WHAT?!”


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