Here is an interesting article…

A friend, Dwight Silverman works for the Houston Chronicle.  He is the columnist and the Techblogger for them.  He wrote an interesting piece about E-books and thought I would share.

Check it out!

Contest ~ Win a Copy of To Unimagined Shores

Quillian member Sherry D. Ramsey is currently running a contest on her blog to give away two copies of her recently-released collection of short stories (winners can choose a print version or ebook). All the details can be found on Sherry’s blog.

To order a copy (print or ebook in various formats), surf over to

“Sherry D. Ramsey’s short stories are filled with vibrant characters, good writing, and thrum with humanity, even when there aren’t many actual humans in the story. Fans of speculative fiction should definitely check out To Unimagined Shores.” ~ Mark A. Rayner, author of The Amadeus Net and Marvellous Hairy.

E-books casts a spell on Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling finally relented to the e-book phenomenon.   Off the top of my head, I think this is the only major series released in the last ten years not available in a e-book format.  However, there is more to this story.  Rowling is going to be the publisher and retailer of the e-book versions of her book.  She is setting up a specific website to handle the sales.   Is it just me, but I do see a lot of dollar signs?

You can read more about here:

Harry Potter wizard series to be sold as e-books

Monday Night Meeting


We are having our weekly meeting tonight at  the same time (6PM SLT, PST) and place (F&SF Workshop Building)

Critiques are also due today prior to the meeting. Since Taos and I are the only participants and have already done them, I will use this part of the announcement to say that the rest of you have been dropping off in the past few rounds. Get your subs ready for Wednesday!

Hope to see you all tonight.

Tonight’s the night for the Dialog Challenge

Have ready for tonight’s meeting:
April’s writing challenge is an dialog exercise.

The concept is to write a scene with characters exchanging dialog, but WITHOUT dialog tags or any description.

Just the dialog itself.  (In other words, just what is inside the quotes!  )

Sherry and I got the idea from the Writing Excuses podcast.

There were two episodes where they did this exercise.  The links are here

It should be two pages, double space. (roughly 350 words)

I wouldn’t worry about trying to complete the scene.  The exercise is meant to work on dialog.  Focus on creating the scene and characterization through the dialog.

New Goal Page Created!!!

Sherry’s email said it better than I could:

After some fabulous discussion at tonight’s meeting, it was decided
that “public” (within the group) goal-setting could be a helpful
motivator for the members of the group.  We also decided to use the
Quillian Facebook page, in conjunction with a live media board in the
F&SF meeting room, to facilitate matters.

Basically, we’ll ask (politely!) at each meeting how members are doing
with meeting goals they’ve set, and what they’re planning for the next
week. Members can post their goals in a discussion thread on the FB
page, which will also be viewable in SL on the media board.  F&SF
members who do not use Facebook can have their goals posted for them
by another group member, so all can participate.

The FB group page is here:
and the Discussion threads will be under…Discussions!

This is meant to be a motivating and positive move, not something to
cause stress or pressure!  There is NO requirement to post goals at
any time.  No-one will be mocked, pressured, or have pencils thrown at
them for not setting goals.  However, any member who lies about
reaching ridiculous goals (“I wrote a whole novel this morning!”) may
be required to wear embarrassing attachments in SL for the duration of
the meeting. ;)

Finally, Graegor, Our Esteemed Leader, wasn’t present at the meeting
when all this went down, so he may have some words for me about
this…hopefully they will be “great idea!” and not “you did WHAT?!”


Quillians on the Web

New articles online this month from Quillian members!  In the July issue of The Scriptorium, check out Chuck Heintzelman’s column on Unconscious Competence, and Sherry Ramsey’s article on How to Write a Good Critique.

Shout-out for Bio/member info

Just a reminder for members of the workshop…any and all of you.  We’re assembling a quick biography page for all members that will also link to your website/blog.

We’d also like to add your blog into our blogroll in the sidebar!

Please send your bio and links to Michael Hercus / Graegor Aeon as soon as possible.  Thanks!

Oh, and please link to this website on your own pages!  Google use page links as a key indicator in search results.  :)

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We are a writer’s group based in Second Life, comprised mainly of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative fiction writers.

The purpose of this website is to provide a “hub” for contacting our members, showcasing our work, and keeping our members up-to-date on events and news from the group.

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