The Quillians Fantasy & Science Fiction Writer’s Workshop is a social, critique, and discussion group for writers. We meet weekly in the virtual, online world of Second Life™. Designed to be an encouraging environment for writers who want to improve their craft, participants benefit from in-world seminars, discussions, and critiques.

With a mandate to educate and inform, the workshop focuses on supportive, social gatherings where questions are encouraged and members direct the topic of conversation. Whether they need to improve their technique or learn about the publishing industry in general, members are sure to leave each meeting with additional skills and a renewed enthusiasm for their work.

An integral part of the group revolves around critique sessions where participants submit samples of their work for valuable feedback. Members who participate in these sessions are also expected to comment on other’s work in return. Since the study of critiques is often the best tool in improving your own writing, submissions and completed critiques are posted in their entirety for all members to access. While the group focuses on the fantasy and science-fiction genres, they do not limit their scope to those genres alone. Writers of all genres and formats are welcome to submit their work for critique.

The workshop meets each Monday at 6pm SLT (9pm ET) in the second-floor meeting-room of the Workshop Building on the Clutter sim. Submissions and critiques are done through a shared, invitation-only Dropbox folder.

Founded by organizer Graegor Aeon, the group is currently coordinated and moderated by Luta Lassard and Timothy Berkmans. With the ongoing support and tutelage of Noble Charron and Kat Alderson, founders of Pen Station, the group continues to grow and evolve.

Luta Lassard, better known as Sherry D. Ramsey in her First Life, is a published SF/F writer, digital artist, and editor and publisher. Through her webzine, The Scriptorium, and her work with micro publisher Third Person Press, Sherry has devoted much of her time to help developing writers find their way towards publication.

Timothy Berkmans, John Lambert in First Life, has been writing and podcasting for the past five years. John is the driving force behind the new Quillian Chronicles podcast, and brings his valuable expertise to our podcasting venture.

In First Life, Graegor Aeon is Michael Hercus, a promising writer with over fifteen years experience in the comic and gaming industries. His background as a hobby retailer and game designer has led him to focus his writing talents on the speculative fiction genre. With many short stories under his belt, he is currently at work on his first novel.

Our mentor, Noble Charron, is none other than New York Times Bestselling Author Michael A. Stackpole. In his First Life, Michael is an award-winning writer, editor, podcaster, and game designer. With over forty published novels, numerous short stories, screenplays and comicbooks to his name, Michael has made it a priority to educate and foster new writing talent.

Offering her guidance to the group is Kat Alderson, Kat Klaybourne, in her physical existence. A motivational speaker and a personal-growth consultant, Kat inspires our members to new heights and is always present to lend a helping-hand to anyone in need.

For updates and event notices, please join The Quillians group in Second Life™.

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