Show 10: Nancy S.M. Waldman-Networld

Nancy S.M. Waldman reads her wonderful story, “Networld.”  This story originally appeared in Undercurrents, published by Third Person Press.


Hosted by John Lambert

Voice Intro by Clay Robeson

Music by Kevin MacLeod


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  • Ethel L. Clark says:

    Wow Nancy! This is so unique…love it. First person dialogue makes it real because you, the author, is doing the reading and I know you personally. I am seeing Acadia (your Granddaughter) here, as Tessa. All four characters play a strong role. Congrats!

  • Ethel L. Clark says:

    At first, I was wondering about the Net World, but my final impression of it is that ‘the threads’ are human connections, sort of like a conduit. Some are more connected than others. Am I making sense Nancy?

  • John Lambert says:


    Thanks for posting, I do hope you continue. I can’t speak for Nancy, and I am sure she will respond to your question, but I agree with your perspective.


  • Nancy says:

    Hi Ethel, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. And, yes, I think you’re making perfect sense! ? Thanks again, Nancy

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