Monday Night Meeting


We are having our weekly meeting tonight at  the same time (6PM SLT, PST) and place (F&SF Workshop Building)

Critiques are also due today prior to the meeting. Since Taos and I are the only participants and have already done them, I will use this part of the announcement to say that the rest of you have been dropping off in the past few rounds. Get your subs ready for Wednesday!

Hope to see you all tonight.

Tonight’s the night for the Dialog Challenge

Have ready for tonight’s meeting:
April’s writing challenge is an dialog exercise.

The concept is to write a scene with characters exchanging dialog, but WITHOUT dialog tags or any description.

Just the dialog itself.  (In other words, just what is inside the quotes!  )

Sherry and I got the idea from the Writing Excuses podcast.

There were two episodes where they did this exercise.  The links are here

It should be two pages, double space. (roughly 350 words)

I wouldn’t worry about trying to complete the scene.  The exercise is meant to work on dialog.  Focus on creating the scene and characterization through the dialog.

Tonight’s Meeting has been canceled, sort of…

Tonight’s meeting has been canceled so we can attend a marketing seminar  that Kat is giving at Builder’s Brewery.  (We will send out the exact LM once the location is confirmed.)   We, as writers, can benefit from learning these skills because the impact of epublishing is having in the industry.

We have been asked to remove scripted objects (Like AO, HUDS, titlers) should be removed to avoid any lag issues.

Here is the location for the Kat’s Seminar.

Critiques Due This Monday

For those who participated in the last round of subs/crits…this is a friendly reminder that critiques are due on Monday, April 4.

Get your submissions ready for the next round that will start Wednesday, April 6th.

If you’ve never submitted before, please see the new Sub/Crit Instructions page for the guidelines as to how to do it. Join in! It’s an easy process and will not only help to keep you writing but will also improve your writing as you [gently] critique other people’s work and get feedback on your own.