New Goal Page Created!!!

Sherry’s email said it better than I could:

After some fabulous discussion at tonight’s meeting, it was decided
that “public” (within the group) goal-setting could be a helpful
motivator for the members of the group.  We also decided to use the
Quillian Facebook page, in conjunction with a live media board in the
F&SF meeting room, to facilitate matters.

Basically, we’ll ask (politely!) at each meeting how members are doing
with meeting goals they’ve set, and what they’re planning for the next
week. Members can post their goals in a discussion thread on the FB
page, which will also be viewable in SL on the media board.  F&SF
members who do not use Facebook can have their goals posted for them
by another group member, so all can participate.

The FB group page is here:
and the Discussion threads will be under…Discussions!

This is meant to be a motivating and positive move, not something to
cause stress or pressure!  There is NO requirement to post goals at
any time.  No-one will be mocked, pressured, or have pencils thrown at
them for not setting goals.  However, any member who lies about
reaching ridiculous goals (“I wrote a whole novel this morning!”) may
be required to wear embarrassing attachments in SL for the duration of
the meeting. ;)

Finally, Graegor, Our Esteemed Leader, wasn’t present at the meeting
when all this went down, so he may have some words for me about
this…hopefully they will be “great idea!” and not “you did WHAT?!”


Meeting Tonight

Hey Quillians,

Don’t forget meeting tonight!
At 6PM SLT, the meeting workshop room!

See ya, there!